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New World Order

Things have pretty much remained the same for countless centuries. If we go back in time and search all history books, encyclopaedias and ancient manuscripts we will soon realize that man was pretty much the same through the ages. Talking about recorded history of course, not the fairy tales and imaginary calculations of the “evolutionists”.


Man ate vegetables and fruits, bread and rice, fish and meat from the beginning of time. Man got dressed with skins and furs, woven and embroidered garments just   about the same as a hundred or so years ago. Man built his houses, buildings and temples with mud and stone, bricks and ceramics, wood and steel… and most of the ingredients used till about a century ago. Man moved around using horsepower from real horses or even camels and elephants just like in the evolving countries today. He used wheels, carriages, chariots to move around or carry goods. He even used ships and boats just like a while back.


Man was never the fierce wild animal evolutionists present him to be. Man was never the “amoeba >fish >lizard >bird >monkey” thing, they tell us he was.


If we want to trace a major change in the behaviour of man, or a REAL evolution in his life… we will all agree that such a time really happened in the past century. The 1900s was the century where it all changed.


What shall we bring to our minds? The aeroplane? The helicopter? The space shuttle? Even the car evolved so much that it became a semi-flying machine. The trains, the buses, the lorries SO huge and SO fast! The boats became speed-boats and the ships became tankers and aircraft carriers. Think of the Cruise-ships  and Cargo-ships…SO big and SO fast that they can carry 1000s of passengers and goods around the world in just a few days.


Shall we talk about the computers and the internet? Or the satellites and all their capabilities? From the satellite communications, to satellite TV and the instant news carried around the globe in seconds! Or even the satellite controlled nuclear missiles and weapons that can wipe out all of humanity with the touch of a button!!


Do we need to mention the machines? Or the robots taking over half working positions in factories, laboratories and production units all over the world?

What about all the cash machines, ATMs and computer machines in the banks? Do we need anybody to tell us that they “each” hold the working position of another human being who’s left without a job?

I know that we like it because it makes our life easier. But do we think of the unemployed persons paying the price for our convenience? Now if we think of the bank owner, we can easily understand his point of view. If he had a cashier on a counter, he’d have to pay him for every hour, every week, every month, every year. Plus the social insurance contributions. Plus the annual leave. And the holidays. And the health plans. And the sick leave every now and then… While the machine is only bought once! No objections, no discussions, no training, no disobedience. Just a little maintenance now and then.


The robots… the same! The machines everywhere around… same conditions apply!


Have you even thought about the new generation of Doctors/Nurses/Surgeons? The new "3 in One" version. No wages no experience no university degrees!!

And this is only one tiny aspect of the topic. Many more will be reviewed and discussed here soon. Many sides of the “NEW WORLD ORDER” reality that’s taking over the world.

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