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Today we are living in an age where our young people are being bombarded every single day by scores and scores of negative messages.  Messages that are blinding their way and leading them astray. This leads to such a confused way of life where everything bad is portrayed as good and everything good portrayed as bad.


Let’s take for instance the use of drugs. Never before in the recorded history of man have drugs been so widely circulated, so vastly used and so greatly abused. New forms of drugs appear in the market everyday. New drugs that promise all sorts of heaven and wonderland to the unsuspected, unprotected youth. And all the experts and appropriate organisations struggling to fight the use of drugs, are consumed into investigating and learning about the new drugs, informing the people and doing the most they possibly can.


BUT … there’s one drug that has been around for ages and is still circulating today, in fact in greater quantities and of much greater use. And this drug is called alcohol. Don’t be alarmed now and don’t think that I am out of my mind. But the simple truth is that this substance, that’s so easily circulating, as we see it everyday at the supermarket, the kiosk, sometimes the candy store, down the pub or the restaurant and surely in our house … is so dangerous. In fact some experts call it “The Lawful Drug”. And it is a drug working exactly like most other drugs and having the same effect or even worse in one’s health. It is highly harmful for the body and even worse for the intellect.

Let me just mention that all the negative effects that a drug can bring to a man, also apply to the use of alcohol. Some of the characteristics of it’s influence are: When one consumes alcohol of any kind and any acidity, the substance travels through the blood streams and ends up in the brain. Then certain functions are affected immediately. Functions like the smell, the hearing, the eyesight, the touch. Even worse the reaction mechanisms are highly disturbed, so the person becomes slower than usual in all his actions. This is exactly why governments have implemented laws that forbid driving to anyone who has consumed alcohol. Of course the quantity of the substance considered illegal varies from country to country. (This has to do with greater interests and other complications that are not to be dealt with at present). The need for such legislations arose after numerous deaths and injuries worldwide, were proved to be alcohol related.


Here’s a brief possible example. For instance, if you’re drinking a few , then jump in the car…and a little kid is crossing the street being chased by a dog … you see the kid … but being so slow in your reactions … you take a lot longer to hit the brake and … the kid is dead before you know it. Not YOUR fault you might say. And you might be right, in your own eyes. Coz you didn’t plan it. And you certainly didn’t want it. But the outcome cannot change. A life is gone! And you are charged, or even jailed! A whole family is deeply in grief! And you live a life of guilt and regret! But nothing can be done now! Things can not change! Only because you had a few drinks … and decided to go behind the wheel!

Now we only touched very lightly on some of the effects of alcohol. But the most important outcome of the use of this substance is what follows … As I mentioned earlier when one drinks the alcohol travels through the blood streams eventually reaching the brain. And this is where most of the damage happens. In our brains we have billions and billions of brain cells being damaged and reproduced day by day. There are many reasons for some categories of brain cells to be damaged and almost all of them have the ability to be reproduced, replaced. So we have new brain cells that help us with our daily activities, main body functions, longevity etc, etc. BUT there is one category of brain cells which are only damaged by alcohol and these brain cells are never reproduced and never replaced.

What I am saying is that all those brain cells damaged and never reproduced leave gaps in our brains. If you refer to a scientific research on the matter you will see a scan of the brain of an alcoholic person and you will see great big holes making it look much like a sponge.

This is only a brief account on the dangers of alcohol and we will soon write more on specific research results, actual cases, characteristics of alcoholic behaviour, remedies, precautions.

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