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New Age

Of course this is a topic that instantly attracts a lot of attention. A topic worthy of our times. A topic, everybody digs into one time or another!


But, what is “New Age”? Is it a trend, is it a fashion, is it a system, is it a teaching, a doctrine, a religion? Is it a concept, an approach or what?


Maybe…! Could be some of the above… or all of them at the same time!


It is actually a complicated kind of “Belief” that can remain as a trend to some people, can grow to be a way of approaching all subjects to some others, or even expand and reach the boundaries of religion to most.


And the latter is the most dangerous state. Coz entering into the realm of “Religion”, you’re actually entering into the spiritual realm, which can be very dangerous,  especially because you’re dealing with powers and entities you do not know and could not understand.

When “New Age” becomes a religion to people, suddenly their view of life changes, they start talking about being “enlightened”, and look to be interested in “Spiritual” things. But this is where the trap is! Anybody hearing them will think they are following God. When they speak they actually seem as if they’re talking about God, BUT… … Beware!


Coz “New Age” is a kind of teaching that started in the 60’s and gradually grew into a religion as it incorporated and adopted numerous “Spiritual” doctrines and contained do’s and don’ts like every other man-made system. But in this case the do’s and the don’ts come from almost every religion on the face of the earth. Some from Buddhism, some from Hinduism, some from Islam, some from the religions of the far East, or of Egypt, or of ancient Greece, or of Africa, or even some from Christianity.*

And so confusion reigns all over it! Nobody can know all of it’s teachings, as it accepts parts of all religions. And as we all come from different backgrounds and  none of us knows all religions or teachings out there, we cannot filter all of it’s content! “New Age” distinctively teaches bits and pieces from all doctrines, concepts, ideas, trends, cults, heresies etc. God here is accepted in every name ever heard on earth, or even with names “supposedly” from heaven, or other planets as they say. Deities with known and unknown names are also referred to… and to make things more mystifying… fairies, goblins, demons and all sorts of weird entities are brought in to complete the “Pantheon”** of worship styles!!


This is very tricky though. Coz it means that whatever your background is, wherever you come from, or whichever your belief is… you’ll find some things in there that you agree with. Some of the contents of “New Age” will be exactly as you know them or almost the same with what you were brought up with, so… … you can easily fall into the trap! So you follow… and learn… and adopt… and accept… and follow… and change views… and learn more… and agree… and… and… and… finally you find yourself believing in fairy tales and weird beings and strange ways and so on and so on.

And this is exactly what it’s all about! It’s the NEW APPROACH that can serve as an alternative to your Ideas/Belief/Religion, designed so to lure you and draw you away from the Real God!!


And fighting God is all that matters to “New Age”. That’s why God is represented as a “NO PERSONALITY”, “NO IDENTITY” being. With so many different names, origins, faces, shapes, even different teachings, ideas and choices. He’s portrayed as an unstable God, sometimes allowing this thing, sometimes forbidding it, sometimes judging this way then another, accepting one thing in one case and exactly the opposite in another.


Now let’s be honest. Whoever God is, however we accept Him, whichever way we picture Him to be… we all have an idea about Him, a belief or a religion… and in here He is a “STEADY GOD”. Firm in His laws and teachings, unshaken in His ideas and choices, completely determined in His love and compassion for us.


Not the “THIS now, THAT later” God! Not the “YES here, NO there” God! Not even the “POSITIVE today, NEGATIVE tomorrow” God!!

That’s the “New Age” god. No personality, no identity, no stability, no power god.







* Christianity here refers to Christian Religions.

** Pantheon is a Greek word used in Latin also, meaning “All gods” or “To every god”. It is formed from the word Παν meaning All or Everything and the word Θεός meaning God.

Pantheon referred to the vast variety of entities and gods worshipped in the Greek and Roman times and was also used when referring to temples dedicated to these gods.

A certain building in Rome, Italy built my Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all of the gods of ancient Rome bares the same name.

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