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Origins Of Music (History)

Origins of Music (History)  Secular Music  Christian Music Pioneers


Many people in modern day history have tried to trace back the roots of music one way or another, but they all stumble somewhere and begin to speculate and come up with theories, suspicions and ideas. The reason is very simple. They all come short of one little detail. One little detail that makes a great big difference in the research, the results, the conclusions!

And this little detail, being…




And when one comes to the realization of this, then the research will be a lot easier, the results more understandable and the conclusions a lot more accurate.

Now if we accept the existence of God, then this God is most definitely a powerful God with supreme features and extraordinary characteristics. Thus being an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God. To put it simply a God who knows it all, sees it all, hears it all, understands it all. A God who can use anybody and everybody, who can use every situation and every means. A God, who can do all things and be everywhere at the same time.

And if we’re talking about such a God, then we should all agree that this God has got Class! Oh yes, He’s got Taste! And He’s got Style!

And such a tasteful God would surely be interested in art. And most surely in the art of arts. “MUSIC”!! And He’d no way leave music to fortune. He’d never allow it to evolve from an accidental source. Especially a source on this fallen planet. From the fallen species, man for that matter. That’s why we shouldn’t try to trace music back to some nation, some civilization, some tribe, some man of unidentified origins.

We should come to our senses and accept that MUSIC, being the highest form of arts, has been created directly from the highest form of beings…




He actually created music long long before man even walked the earth… Way back in time, in the vast depths of eternity past. Way above this earth, in the vast Heavens of undefined dimensions and unending space!

And He created music of another kind, another form. With unknown rhythms and untold melodies that echo through eternity in timeless ages and endless skies.

Music given to the angels, who used it to worship God in all glamour and glory. With all reverence and obedience. Music that passed on to man who was to use it for the same cause.


BUT… things changed… man fell… so music lost it’s direction!

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