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Most of the money circulating today is in Big business. Some legal and some illegal. Oh yes… there ARE illegal businesses. In fact receiving and consuming the biggest slice of the “money pie”! Businesses like… thefts, robberies, illegal goods, fake merchandise… … But the biggest of them all are: the trafficking of Guns, the trafficking of Drugs and the trafficking of Human Souls!

In this chapter we’ll deal with the aspect of Drugs.


In all recorded history we can find only a few drugs being used, sometimes for medical purposes, sometimes for religious practices and rarely for what we know them to be today. In fact they were all natural substances mainly found in plants.  But today… Oh things have changed! We’ve come a long way. And we’ve progressed so much. We know so much. We can accomplish so much!! To the point that we can produce New Kinds. Everyday if we want to. New Kinds… Stronger, Heavier, more lasting, more bonding, more addicting! More killing!


Please excuse my grammar but, there’s NO other way to describe them.

YES today’s drug lords are only interested in producing/promoting drugs SO addictive, that everyone trying them will be hooked! And they DO NOT care how many will die. In fact the more they lure the more addicted the more money income, the more DEAD! And in their effort to make more money (coz this is what it’s all about after all), they need to make more “customers”. And to attract these new “customers” they have to offer them new “merchandise”. And to do so, they use every means possible and every available substance. They “mix” and “cook” and “boil” and “cool” and “freeze” and they add and mix and mix & match and… and… and… you name it, they DO it!


So they come up with new substances. New “recipes”… New “amalgamates”…

Some new drug with “more” effects, more drugging qualities, or more hyperactive qualities. More hallucinational powers, or more arousing powers. More humoristic abilities, or more uplifting abilities. More of this, more of that more of it all… Whatever the case, there’s only one thing that’s for sure. Whatever they promote it for… (coz this is what it’s all about here… PROMOTION! And promotion is one thing the drug lords are very good at. They know what to say, how to push it, how to circulate it and how to sell it eventually. And they have the means to do it all. They have the money, the machines, the guns, the manpower. And by manpower I mean the slaves. Yes the poor people that have been entangled in the system, one way or another and now they are nothing more than slaves. Being told what to do, being sent wherever, being pushed to extremes, I do not wish to mention for now and being used as pieces of meat, just to keep the business going. At ANY cost. With NO respect for human life. NO respect for human Souls!) … however they present it to be… whatever they say it can do… still, only one thing is for sure. “The Depression effect!” Oh yes, that’s what I said… “Depression”. Coz any drug you try, any substance you may be using, this is what happens. It might lift you up, for some time, a few hours maybe… but then, it’s effect goes away and… you fall. And depression starts! It might stimulate you, or give you energy, or get you in dreamland for some hours or even less… and then what? Back to reality, back to zero, back to depression. Coz nothing changed in your life, all is still the same, situations, circumstances, finances, feelings, emotions etc, etc, all still pretty much the same. So, you’re back into depression! Coz THIS is the one and ONLY continuous effect EVERY drug will give you.

You’re depressed coz of all the reasons that might have led you into using drugs to start with… and now you’re even more depressed coz all those reasons are there… and now you cannot find your next fix, coz you ain’t got the money or your supplier gave up on you… and you’re depressed coz you’re in, so deep you think you can’t get away…and for this…and for that…and…and so on and so on...


So why stick to it and not get out? Why even try it anyway?

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