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Violence & Crime


This may be a very serious subject for most people but for me it’s probably the easiest one to deal with. And the reason is so very simple. Coz I just don’t need any effort whatsoever to prove anything to you. I do not need to gather any sort of material to present to you. Coz all the proof you need… is simply out there!


Just open up the newspaper. Any newspaper. Go through the pages of a magazine. Turn on the telly. Or the radio. Get on the web. And you’ll hear it all.  


Coz the news about crime scenes and crime investigations, criminals and criminal minds, criminal acts and criminal behaviour, is all out there. Every day, every hour, every moment! 


So are the news about violent scenes and violent acts, violent people and violent behaviour… and… violence in this house and violence in that area, violence in this town and violence in that country… and so on and so on, day by day. In fact new kinds of violence are recorded springing up every now and then.

Shall we bring in mind the regular shop lifting that happens every day from people of every age and every background? Or the small time thefts threatening every household and every neighbourhood. Need we mention the small time robberies or the big time professional bank robberies? One half of the Hollywood movies have robbery themes today. From car thefts to bank or hotel or museum or casino robberies. And they are so popular coz many of them are based on real life stories. Cases that happened and keep on happening every day. In fact many of these movies will take it one step further… and show us the new technology… and teach us the new Hi -Tech complicated ways to carry out a robbery ourselves. Could be the producer’s imagination or the real thing projected on the screen. In any case robberies and thefts keep growing in numbers. Robbers and thieves keep multiplying. And crime thrives in every society.

Need we mention here big time thieves stealing from their boss? You know. Those involved in finances or accounts. How about those stealing millions from the firm or the bank they work for. What about the cases that have gone public about directors and managers of those “Non profit organizations”… and the millions missing from their accounts? What happened in those cases that have not seen the light of day? Do we really have to present evidence on how many millionaires, or how many companies steal from the governments? Hiding their big time profits? Hiding their true sales/income/earnings…employing illegal staff… selling products and services of inferior quality… etc… etc.

What can anybody say about the financial crimes of politicians? So many cases have been revealed in the last decades that we’ve lost account. Cases of big time dictators robbing their nations and storing up unimaginable riches. Cases of government members digging into the country’s treasury or simply accepting huge bribes to allow this and that… to hide scandals… to pass on beneficial laws and legislations, etc, etc.  


Or those taking commissions of millions and millions to assign multi million state projects to certain companies. I even happen to know of a case in a certain… so called “European” country where government officials were importing certain weapons for their army which proved to be outdated and useless. Of course they did it for the right price… in their pockets. High treason I should call it. Endless cases like these in all sorts of countries… from the poorest to the richest… from the Third World countries to the most progressed ones. And the sad thing is that… it’s the peoples’ money disappearing leaving all sorts of state treasuries empty! 


And these are only but a few examples of CRIME and VIOLENCE. There’s a lot more ways of CRIME and even more faces of VIOLENCE we need to deal with, in these chapters… …

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