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Oh yes I believe in “Evolution”.


But NOT as we know it. Not as Darwin dreamed it was. Not as schools and universities teach it. Not even as some “Churches” partly adopt it!

I actually believe in two kinds of Evolution! One having to do with man’s evolution as a being … and one having to do with man’s evolution as a spirit!!


It is obvious that man today is so much different than his origins. Man today is so much deadlier and fiercer than man was thousands of years ago. I know, you tend to think that man was a savage being killing and destroying and all that … BUT … think again. Never before has man killed in such vast numbers. Think … of World War I. And World War II. And the Atomic Bomb. And the Chemical Weapons. And the Civil Wars. The riots, the revolutions, the gang wars, the drug wars, the terrorist attacks, the violence, the crime … ... ... Millions and Millions of dead. Whole tribes and civilizations wiped out … And we are on the brink of World War III !! In fact the dead because of wars in the last 100 years are much much more than all the dead of wars in ALL recorded history!

There you have it. This alone, shows how man has changed … only for the worse! Instead of becoming more humane … we become more like animals. In fact even worse than animals. Coz animals don’t hurt their own. Except in very rare cases. And when they kill they do it just to survive. While WE … kill every known animal. Not only for food but … for fun … for sport … for money … for commerce …… you name it. We kill bears and foxes for their fur. Just to make coats. We kill tigers and leopards just to make shoes and clothes. We kill the elephants to make bracelets and decors. We kill the gorillas and monkeys and we use their hands and faces to make “ashtrays”!! We kill, we kill, we kill …… To make more room … and build … and be rich … To make experiments … and understand … and accomplish …


Oh yes we have changed. And we are so different today. So much different than what we were supposed to be. So vastly different than the way we were made by our Creator. Made in His image, in His likeness! NOT anymore!

Evolution number 2 ... ... ...


Another kind of change in man's life will soon be dealt with on this page... ... ...

Be prepared!!



University Teachings Under Question



And to think that a lot of the topics, or parts of, taught in today’s schools, colleges and universities are nothing more than garbage. Say like… the age of the earth… they talk about millions and billions of years… while all evidence discovered is only a few thousands of years old.


They tell us, man has been here for millions and billions of years again… while all evidence of civilizations discovered are less than six thousand years old.


They tell us that the universe and the planets are of unimaginable numbers of years old… while evidence found declares just a few thousands of years. Let’s take for instance the dust on the moon’s surface. Particles of space dust are gathered constantly there, forming a dust layer which can indicate the age of the planet. Calculations carried out have shown that the age of the moon cannot be more than ten thousand years old. Of course, these kinds of findings rarely see the light of day. Only the fortunate ones get to see them. Coz they are immediately covered up. Buried quietly, so no one can know. So they can publish their…articles… and books… and documentaries. So they can keep circulating their “speculations”. And talk of the millions and billions and trillions of… of… let me think… mmm… whatever they can come up with!


They tell us that man was… nothing… became something… started to move… then started to swim… swam for ages and ages… until he reached a shore… came ashore… grew legs... walked… grew wings... then flew… lost his wings... then fell… then grew… then became ape… and finally man!! And they want us to believe all these things, while they themselves get so confused trying to prove “Evolution” to themselves…  !?!?? Coz the father of Evolution himself dropped the “theory of Evolution” (coz that’s all it was. A THEORY!!), after spending a life searching for the missing link and not finding it. The missing link that would proof his theory to be right, which was NOT!


If we allow them to take us further back… then… oh no… they tell us about the origin of the universe and they brag claiming to understand it all… and say that in the beginning there was nothing… and nothing moved… and nothing kept spinning around … and nothing… “BOOM”… exploded! And this great big explosion of great big NOTHING… brought about a GREEEAT SOMETHING!! And that something was burning and burning and spinning around and turning… back and forth into the vast nothing… for years and years and millions and billions and billions until… “WOW”… it started to cool down… becoming colder and colder as time passed by… and turning and cooling until if froze… and became ice! And now the ice turned and turned and back and forth and… and… until it heated up again… and it turned into water… and now the water was… mmm… ehm… somewhere… and it was… mmm… there! And it existed until something started to move inside the water… and behold… the first form of life was created!! The prehistoric amoeba! So the water was a mother!! Or maybe… the water was God!! Aha! What a Revelation!! For the Scientists!!


And this is what they call the Big Bang Theory!


The same scientists that teach us in the classroom. And they tell us what a great negative effect “smoking” has on our health. And how we might die from it. And how we should respect others around us. And the moment classroom is over, they walk out the door and reach down their pockets and… they light up a cigarette. And they don’t care about their health. Or the health of the young kids walking by them in the corridor. Or sitting opposite them in the office. How unfair! How weird!


Or think of the doctors giving all the advice to the patients dying of cancer… telling them all the precautions… and then lighting up a cigarette themselves. And eventually some of them… dying of lung cancer themselves!


Or think of the doctor/teacher telling us all of the negative and bad effects of alcohol. How it can ruin our lives. Or how it can damage our brain. And the moment he walks out of school he’s with a glass in his hand! And next day we hear how he died of some liver disorder caused by alcohol.

Or maybe the next teacher teaching on the same topic… drank so much that his brain was so damaged… he could not teach anymore… !! What a shame! What a waste!

And to take the matter just one step further… listen to this.


They tell us about the “great men” of the human race and they present them to be so admirable and worthy… while some of them were rapists or paedophiles, weirdo sex addicts or perverted minds, drug addicts or schizophrenics, sometimes even satanists. And they tell us how we should meditate in their writings and how we should follow in their example and live the way THEY lived.


WHAT? We should do WHAT? Follow them perverts and psychos? 




You might say, you don’t mind. You don’t care. Let them teach whatever they choose. They know better.




You might not care but WE do! WE as CHRISTians should choose what our children hear. We should show them the way. Let them decide for themselves, YEAH. But we should present right and accurate and healthy and truthful evidence before them. Not promote all the crap and present all the weird garbage before them. 


Where’s this world coming to? ALL lies and theories and “supposed to be evidence”, being presented as truthful. And humans follow… And they obey… and they’re soon slaves of the “legacy”. And followers of the “tradition”. The examples left by those disturbed personalities presented as “great minds”.

This is why we’ve come to THIS! The world around us! What we see today! We’ve reached rock bottom. No deeper we can go.

And we talk about “Evolution”!! Evolution of the worst kind! That’s how I call it. 

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