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Travelling back in the depths of time will take us to an era where all creation started. The universe as we know it, seen and unseen, the planets, the moon, the sun, the stars and everything in and about them was created by God Almighty!! Then man was created, a being far greater than all other existing beings, so God went on to equip him with everything necessary for his survival, well being and pleasure. The one thing we will deal with in these chapters was given to man for his pleasure and as a means to worship and give honour to his Creator.  “MUSIC”!


Now, music was something that already existed. God had created music many many years ago in the vast eternal Heavens. Music was given to angels as a means to worship God. Multitudes of angels were gathered around the Throne of God and offered worship without ceasing. Music of another level, of untold rhythms and sounds and melodies. Music that we cannot even dream about.


From the earliest recorded times in our history we come along music, musicians, musical instruments, etc, etc. Man used music in his worship, in his ceremonies, in his joys, in his sorrows, in his victories, triumphs, celebrations, etc. Music was also used as an expression of feelings and emotions. Man sings when happy, when sad, when he loves, when he’s let down, in good times and in bad. 


But music lost it’s way. It went wrong it went astray. Music lost it’s purpose and it’s direction. It was misused and abused and it led people, cultures, generations away from their purpose and their destination.


And music is destined and must go back to where it belongs. Back to it’s original purpose and use. Back to God where it came from and where it belongs. 


To be continued...



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