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Now this is a topic!




What a simple word… and what a complex meaning! How short a word… and how long and vast and unending list of meanings and explanations and understandings.


Whenever the word GOD is mentioned somewhere… anywhere… there’s a sparkle for discussion. And everyone has a thing to say. Everyone has an idea, a point of view or a belief unto the matter. Whether you believe or not, you do take a stand and say I believe this or that. Even if you don’t believe in God’s existence, you’d be more than willing to back up your view and tell everybody why you believe there’s no God and what led you to this assumption. You might even try to convince everybody around that there is NO such thing as a God and even try to prove it one way or another… just to see someone agree with you. Or maybe see someone adopt your belief. Question is, even if they do… where would they be led? In believing what? A ZERO? A NO GOD world? A NOBODY creation? A NO HOPE future?


Truly… where would they be led?


Let’s take things from the beginning… let’s go back and try to analyze who God is… Where He came from… etc, etc. So many ideas around, so many teachings, so many doctrines, beliefs, descriptions, that really confuse and irritate us. And let’s be honest… which one of us can truly say he knows exactly who God is? What His name is? How He looks like? How He thinks? What His purpose is? What His power is? What are His plans? How did He come to be? When exactly was He born? Or made? Or sprung into existence? Of all the things we see… what did He create? Did He create us? And why? What’s our purpose? Why are we here for? And how should we be? How should we behave? What…? Who…? How…? Where…? Etc, etc, etc.


We can come up with a thousand more questions… and a thousand more… that will only confuse us more! Truth is… the questions are there! And they spin around in our mind, from time to time, from one period of our life to another… but we never come up with any answers. We are never fully satisfied with the answers and explanations anyone’s given to us so far! And the search is still on… and the quest continues!!!


Please contact me at and tell me what you think, what you believe, your view, your opinion. Or share your question with me. Even your doubt. 

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