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End Times

No one can claim originality when speaking on this subject. No one can pretend to be unique when touching it. No matter how intellectual words he uses, how vast knowledge he has, or whichever angle he wants to approach at it from. Coz the theme of “End Times” has been dealt with, talked about, investigated over… from scores and scores of people. From simple people to Kings. From agnostics to preachers. From uneducated folks to scholars and scientists. In fact just about every aspect of it, has been thoroughly investigated and examined.


If they* could take “time” into a lab, for study and examination, they would have done it, believe me. If they could arrest “time” and interrogate him and get the truth out of him, oh they would have done it too! Now if they could stop “time” and get him out of the way and evaporate him, oh they would have done it long long ago!


But time is unstoppable. And we cannot do anything about it. Nothing we can do to stretch it, compress it, or even delay it. All we can do is… go with the time… flow with the time… and change with the times.


Oh yeah! How we need to change with the times! All of us. We all need to change… and correct our mistakes… correct our behaviour… correct ourselves! None of us is perfect and none of us knows it all. That’s why we need to change… search more… and learn more… understand more… and make more mature decisions! Coz we all have to review our ideas from time to time. Learn to adopt new evidence and new findings to our “Inner Encyclopaedia”. We need to learn to add new knowledge and new light to our “View of Life”. And once we do that, we will have a much broader view of the world around us… and the meaning of life… and the timetable we’re living in!


Coz times are changing constantly. Nothing remains the same around us. Things today are so much different from what we remember them to be. From the time we were little children. So much different now. Long gone are the peaceful days. The times we had nothing to worry about. Nothing to care for. In fact everything around us seems to be collapsing in a way.


Starting from LOVE. Our girlfriend or boyfriend is ready to walk off with the first person flirting with them. Our wife or husband is… mmm… at least suspicious in their moves. Half the marriages we know ended in divorce. And the other half? Well some have separate bedrooms. Some are already sleeping around. Or even have formal “lovers”. While some have decided they don’t want us no more coz… …they’re attracted to the same sex! And these are only… everyday situations. Cases we meet and hear about day by day. Let alone the extreme situations. The cases we cannot even discuss here because of their “obscene” material. Plus this… plus that… and that… …


Let’s move on to FRIENDS. Friendship in general. Long gone are the days when we had real friends around us. Today we hang around with a couple of people coz we… hear the same music. Or we go to the same club. But what will happen tomorrow? If I stop listening to THEIR kind of music? They’ll probably walk away! Or what if I stop going to their club? Most probably I’ll never see them again! What about those who are around us as long as we pay for their drinks, or for their food at the restaurant? What happens if my money runs out? Or if I lose my job? Those around us because we have this brand new Porsche? Where will they be when my car is smashed? Will they pay for repairs? Will anybody care if I lose my job, my car, my house, my all? Or will I be wondering why I’m all alone all of a sudden? My friends today are my friends if… I wear the same clothes as they do… buy the brands they buy… support the band they support… belong to the political party they belong… make as much money as they make… believe the same lies they believe… etc… etc… etc… And they are all ready to desert me if I stop doing what they do, if I stop giving them what I’m expected to. Whatever that might be! Let’s face it. Most of today’s friendships are only casual and last for a little while. Real and lasting friendships are so scarce. They only come about once in a while. In very extreme and rare cases. Or we read about them in books! Sometimes watch an epic friendship in… a movie.


How about FAMILY? I think it’s gonna take me ages to analyze and discuss what’s happening with today’s relationships within the family. The mother and daughter “connection”. The father and son “distance”. The brother and sister “division”. Let alone the “generational gap”. The hatred within family members sometimes. Do I need to present facts on how many so called “parents” today, are nothing more than child molesters? And rapists? Rapists of their own blood? Rapists of their step children? Or rapists of the little angels they have been trusted to protect?  Of course I am not saying that this is always the case. There surely ARE some families out there, with healthy relationships and descent ties. But they’re just… a little bit hard to find. They’re becoming “collectors items” nowadays!


Do I need to mention the “disappearing” ethics of our times? The overexposure of the human body in the streets? Or the ever growing nakedness in the media… on most advertisements… on the screen? What about the amateur strip shows of the girls in clubs… after they’ve had a few drinks? Or after some “good guy” introduced them to this and that substance! And they got high! While they’ll soon go so low!! Next thing you know is see them girls pushed into prostitution! Against their will. Without their consent.

Do we need to discuss “Human Trafficking” here? All those millions of girls exported from their countries and sold as “fresh meat”. Pushed into ALL kinds of sexual extremes? Used and misused and abused in every conceivable way! Or the people exported as slaves and sold all over the world? Beaten and tortured and left hungry for days. Left without medical care until they die. All in the name of “big profit”.

Now although these are all topics having to do with “man to man” conduct, “human to human” respect and “people to people” relations, they do guide us somewhere. These topics can easily indicate the timetable we’re living in. Coz all of them have been addressed to or talked about in one of those ancient books. In fact a lot of details about these topics have been written down thousands of years ago. A lot of the facts surrounding these topics have been prophesied in exact detail.


By now I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Oh yes! I’m referring to that old book we all heard about, called the Bible. The book that has been cherished and loved by so many people throughout the ages… yet has been mocked and hated by so many others around the world!


In fact the Bible holds 2 records in our times. First of all it’s the best selling book around the world of all times… BUT… it is also the most persecuted and most hated book in all recorded history.


Starting from the early days of Christianity with the persecution of the first believers from the organized religion, then the huge persecution from the Roman empire, moving into the dark ages and the ruthless persecution of the Catholic church (inquisition) in the West and the Orthodox church in the East. A persecution that’s still going strong today in some places. Believe me, in countries like the one I come from, so called “Christian” countries, just holding a Bible makes you an outcast. You may even be labelled as a witch/warlock. If they hear that you read the Bible, they all consider you as crazy and walk away from you. They mock you and ridicule you. Even your own family denies you. And believe me, I’m just barely touching the subject here! And don’t tell me this is not something happening in so called “evolved countries”. Don’t even discuss “evolving countries”. It’s a criminal or a public offence to even say you’re a Christian there.


And do you know why?


Simply because the Bible is the one and only book that was given to us by God. I know you might oppose that. Especially if you come from a non Christian background, you have every right to think otherwise.


But… please allow me to complete my “thinking” here. Please bare with me a bit more as I close my “argument”.


Think… why should the whole of the world systems, all of the worlds’ religions, all of the worlds’ teachings and almost all humanity, oppose to this one book? Why?


Simply because that book carries the words of God, at the same time that humanity has fallen away from God. And all world systems and teachings convey a worldly view of life. Contrary to what the Bible teaches.


God says love your neighbour, love your enemy… while we dislike anybody better than us and hate everybody who’s got another colour. Or has a different religion, another belief.  Or belongs to another political party. Or even supports another football team!


God says be calm, be peaceful… while we shout at the other drivers, get upset at work and start a fight on a Friday night! Fight in the house fight in the mall and so on…


God says live a clean life, live in purity… while we are looking for casual relations day after day, or “live in” with the girlfriend or even cheat on our wife/husband!


God says Man & Woman, Married, Becoming ONE… while we… … we create our own rules. And make our own choices. No matter how strange, how weird, how outrageous. No matter how unnatural.


God says there is a Heaven, there is a hell… while we believe there are NO such things, or that we will evaporate when we die, or we will come again (and again and again… nobody knows how many times), or even that Heaven and hell is here in this life! Plus all sorts of beliefs and ideas. Just as long as they’re completely different to what God said!!


God says one thing… we believe another!

God says this… we believe that!

God says do this… we do everything else!


Only because our worldly system teaches almost everything that’s against God’s will. Almost all we learn, denies God’s existence. Almost all we do, despises God’s laws.


But the truth is only ONE and no one can delete it! And God is ONE and no one can multiply Him. And this God said it very clearly in His ONE and only book that… the end is coming… and when this and this is happening… and when people are so and so… and when you see these signs… then the end is near.

Now be alarmed coz whatever’s happening in our world today is exactly as it has been foretold thousands and thousands of years ago in the Bible. And the world as we know it, is coming to an end. Be prepared coz the ONLY Saviour of humanity is coming back! JESUS CHRIST is coming back for His second coming as it has been written.

Be prepared to meet Him as your SAVIOUR! Not as somebody you do not know!



To be continued…





*They: referring to all humanity.

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