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Any rationally thinking person in the world, would most probably agree with me, that… … of all the religions/doctrines/teachings on earth today, nobody should choose “satanism”. At least no “normal” human being would choose THAT for a religion!

And yet… if we search around, we’ll see quite a few “normal” people, or at least looking as normal people, who DO follow satanism. Sometimes even successful people. Or even some intellectuals! So it doesn’t have to do with class or level or maturity here. It surely goes a lot deeper. Deeper than we think! And in the last few decades we’ve seen a rise of this trend especially among the young.


And this is what worries me the most! What makes a young person turn away from all considered to be as good and turn to satanism? To seek shelter or comfort in a system whose leader and establisher is none other than the personalization of the ultimate evil himself? What has brought our society so low? So low in values, so low in goals, so low in expectations?


Some surveys and researches have seen the light of day… with some controversial reasons highlighted… some results pinpointed… some ideas suggested… BUT, nothing firm, nothing solid, nothing deeply substantiated! And the truth of the matter goes way too deep. It’s way too serious to deal with it in a shallow manner! So serious, that whatever we may say about it, can be circumstantial, or inaccurate, or even completely wrong! So in order to be able to even touch the matter, one has to be very very cautious in his approach, very educated on the topic and must have very closely dag or researched into it. Or even one can be a person who comes from a satanistic background. One who has been a satanist himself, or his family was involved in the cult, or someone who has dabbled with it’s teachings and came close to believing and joining the thing.


If you want to learn more on the subject, follow me on this page and I’ll soon start revealing crucial information on the matter as well as unbelievable advertising techniques and recruiting methods used by this cult.


I’m leaving you with a piece of advice:


DO NOT try to read any satanistic material yourself.

DO NOT try to research on the matter on your own.


Coz satanism is a very seductive and easy to lure teaching, that can very easily trap you, disorient you and confuse you.

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