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Aliens? Who mentioned aliens? Who believes in aliens? Are there truly aliens out there? What do you think? Are there?


Do you wanna know what I think? Oh yeah! I do believe in their existence! Yeah I believe!


Problem is… Where are they? Where do they come from? How long have they existed? Are they a higher race? More intelligent? Are they uglier or prettier than humans? Are they disguised maybe? Are they among us? And if they are, when did they start coming? Are we in danger? Are we…? Are they…? Is it…? Or can they…?  Can it…etc, etc…?


There you go. So many questions and so many more troubling n’ upsetting n’ confusing us. Tell me what you think… your opinion, your idea, your belief… even your experience… or maybe your questions.

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Now here is what I believe.


It’s a little bit complicated but I believe in two kinds of aliens. Just bare with me and you will soon realise what I am talking about.


The first kind is the ones most of you believe in. The ones appearing from time to time in disc shaped space ships we call UFOs. Or sometimes in more complex and weird shuttles. Those “kidnapping” people here and there. Somehow strange people actually. People of “curious” or “problematic” background. People who suddenly appear saying: They took me in a flash of lighting! They transferred me to their space ship! They took me to their planet! They hypnotized me! They implanted a chip in me! Some kind of a device! They are carrying out experiments on us. They are all around us! They… this! They… that!


And when they describe them… ooh freaky… they are exactly as we thought they’d be. You know… those huge headed, big eyed, pointed chin creatures. These fluffy, skinny, disoriented bodies. Those colourless or greenish or reddish, sometimes brownish coloured beings. Exactly as we see them in the cartoons! Exactly as someone fantasized they’d look. Exactly as someone dreamed them to be! Or maybe, exactly as someone SAW them!

Now… What if… someone really saw them? What if… many people saw them? What if… they truly exist? This is a possibility we must not oversee. Coz all those people over the years who claim to have seen “them”, cannot ALL be crazy. They cannot ALL be completely out of their minds. Some have seen the UFOs, some have seen the actual beings, some have seen their shadows, their marks, their flashes or have even heard their voices. Some have gathered evidence, photos, videos and all sorts of “material” of alleged encounters. Today there’s even religions believing in their existence.


So let’s be honest! There’s so much talk, so much fuzz about the matter that we have to accept that… there must be something going on… something we do not understand maybe… something we cannot explain… but… something must be true about it!


Quite a few explanations have been given by quite a few “experts” on the matter… but… still not too convincing. Quite a few doctrines have been circulated by quite a few devoted followers of the “things”… but… still not too satisfying. They might have been able to promote the whole subject into a religion… but… still too many gaps, too many loopholes. Too much stuff unidentified, too much info unexplained.




I know it’s gonna sound extreme. I know it’s gonna look too bold. Maybe too outrageous! To some it might even seem as… too surreal! But the truth is… things ARE surreal! If we want to be absolutely informed on what’s happening around us, then we have to bypass the limitations of our understanding. Get over the fence of the cosy “microworld” surrounding us. And expand our area of investigation. Upgrade the way we comprehend things. Rearrange the way we store data. Be prepared to reconsider thoughts and beliefs. And be bold enough to correct or even delete wrong info from our files.


And… please do NOT filter the new info you hear, based on what you heard so far. Do NOT damp it away, based on what you believed in, until today.


Let’s assume that you do not believe in aliens. Or maybe you’re a person who doesn’t really care about aliens. You do not have an opinion. But you will not deny they might exist. You can even be somebody believing that they do exist, but you’ve got nothing to fear, coz they’re billions of light years away from the earth. You could also be one who believes that we’re threatened by them, as they’re watching us, observing us, or even preparing an attack in the near future. Then you can also be a “true believer”. And you know they exist. Maybe you know they are already here. Around us. Haunting us.  Or preparing to snatch our bodies. In the most extreme case, you’re an alien yourself. Somebody convinced you that you are a  chosen being, or an entity in process/progress, preparing to go back to your planet or whatever…!


In any case, whoever you are, whatever you believe, you must have at least heard some things on the matter. Or you must have read some articles, maybe some books. Might even have seen films or watched documentaries on aliens.


And all the info gathered, tells us that aliens come from a planet far far away from us. They have strange bodies and speak a strange language. They’re more intelligent, a lot stronger, way taller than us and so on and so on.


But the truth is NOT so complicate. It’s a lot simpler but a lot harder to digest. So get ready… hold your breath… and dive in.


Aliens DO exist. They are not some figures of imagination, but real beings. They’re not a million miles away but very very close. In fact they’re all around us. They are NOT studying us, BUT… they ARE troubling and torturing and killing some of us. In fact this is their mission. To torture and destroy the human race. And they do NOT come from a far away planet, but from the depths of the earth.


Coz THEY’RE NOTHING MORE THAN DEMONS! The demons we all heard about. The demons that exist and are mentioned in almost every religion of the world. The same demons that exist from the depths of time and tried to lure man away from God in all their history. They are the fallen angels who rebelled against God and followed satan, falling down upon the earth.


And now, in the end of times, they came up with this… “ALIENS” plan. Appearing to people as beings from other planets, so that they lure them into believing teachings against God. Coz if aliens exist, then man is NOT a special being! And why should God come to the earth to die? And why shouldn’t there be life on other planets? And why this? And why that? And so many more questions arising… questioning the existence of God Himself eventually.


Now think… … Whenever “they” appear, they look so freaky n’ ugly. Wherever “they” appear, they frighten people. Whoever saw “them” is either still in panic, or in a mental hospital. Whoever accepts “them”, looks so weird and freaky himself. And any other case we mention about them will be a case  of fear, or panic, or killing, or abduction, or destruction or… or… or… you name it… freaky n’ spooky n’ disgusting!

So what if everything around them seems so progressed, so strange and so surreal? They ARE supernatural beings after all. Simply because they ARE living in the spiritual realm and appearing to humans whenever they please and however they please. Our God warned us about them. In the Bible we read that “satan appears as an angel of light”. Find a Bible and read “II Corinthians 11:14” and you’ll understand what I mean. And you’ll know why these “Alienistic” religions around, do dare to use the name of CHRIST! Now think… … light… flashes… lightning… lightning speed… spaceships… etc etc. Appearing and disappearing in a flash of lightning… … mmm? See how it all makes sense now? See why we all feel uneasy about them? And we feel… a little bit scared… and frightened of encountering them… and spooky in their presence… and we get this unpleasant feeling around them… and… and… and… ? And… think… … wherever we saw them… in cartoons, in drawings, in pictures, on video, on films, on screen, on the Web… wherever… whenever… … they are so strange n’ horrible n’ disgusting, every time.


Only because we’re dealing with DEMONS here. The horrible beings, who hate God. And they hate us. Coz WE are the chosen beings of God. That’s why He loves us so much. So much that He left His glory and came down to the earth and died for us. For our sins. So that we do NOT perish but can inherit eternal life. See how beautifully it’s portrayed in the Word of God: 


“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him"

(John 3:16-17)

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