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Sometimes this looks to be a tiny topic. To many people it’s a small matter not even worth the discussion. But my opinion… is a lot different. Here we have a topic utterly worth discussing. Surely worth looking at, coz it’s a matter concerning us all. A matter affecting us all, one way or another.

Smoking is the greatest circulated natural drug simply because of it’s “lawfulness”. The selling of tobacco is legal in all countries, BUT governments in many parts of the civilized world have been awakened on the dangers of it… so they dag into the matter… investigated… researched… were convinced… and came up with laws and legislations against it. Some forbidding sale to under aged persons, some forcing producers to print hazards of smoking on packaging, some forbidding smoking in public places etc, etc. This alone should make us understand how big a matter it is!!

If one is a smoker, he is inhaling great amounts of nicotine everyday allowing it to rest on delicate internal parts of his body and especially on the lungs. These are being gradually absorbed, entering the lungs which are gradually being destroyed so normal  breathing is affected immensely. Another great danger is the appearance of cancerous cells and tumours on the lungs or other internal parts. There’s even more damages caused by smoking which will not be dealt with for now.

Even if we look at it from a non medical view… and just take the social side of the matter… you’ll agree with me that we can spot quite a few problems there.

First… we can’t train enough if we smoke. We can’t run fast enough. We can’t run a fair distance. Can’t play football well. Can’t swim. Can’t keep up at the gym. Can’t this, can’t that and so on…

Then… we… how can I say it? We… we smell. It’s OK for us coz we are used to the smell of it, but what about the others? The wife? The husband? The friends? The colleagues? The people? The wife has to throw all our clothes away for washing. We get into a car… and… phew… think of the driver and the others. Or we walk into a place, a house, an office… and… phew… if they don’t smoke there, then all eyes are on us. And you wonder why everyone’s looking at you sometimes.

And worst of all… is the harm we do. Here’s a Social as well as a Medical side of the matter! It’s the harm we cause on other people’s health. Coz let’s be honest… we might obey the laws and do not smoke in public places just because we have to. Just to avoid being fined. And it took quite a lot of training for all of us to accept it and stop smoking in public places. And we stopped coz we were forced to.

But what happens in the “less public” places? Our office for instance. Do we care about the colleagues next to us? Or in our car… do we care about the friends riding along? What about our own house? What about the wife… the husband… the kids? We simply force them to inhale the hazardous nicotine day after day. And we do not take it seriously. Shouldn’t we mind about their health? Coz this is exactly where most of the damage is done!! Exactly because THEY are non smokers, they are so vulnerable to all harmful substances of smoking. Just because their system is NOT trained against these substances. And the harm on any non smoker can well be far greater than the harm caused on any smoker.

And they become the victims! Vulnerable and completely unprotected!!

Final word for now:

Please think of your own health…and the health of those around you…and the health of your loved ones !! And give up smoking for good!

Now, if you call yourself a CHRISTian and you smoke... what can I say? You must also think of your body... as it is NOT your own. Our bodies have been bought with a price. And a heavy price I can tell you. And they do not belong to us. The word of God tells us that we should take care of them and keep them healthy and keep them clean, simply because they are the "temple of God" and the "habitation of the Holy Spirit". Please read "I Corinthians 3:16-17".

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