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I’m so greatly grieved every time I come along this word… every time I hear it… every time I read it… every time a case of suicide is mentioned.


What a pity, to know that some lives end in this awful way. And what a shame to see that our society has NO plan of action against it. And when I say society, I don’t mean my neighbourhood, my town or my country… I mean the world! Our global society! Coz, believe me there’s NO plan of action against suicide, anywhere in the world. The only step taken against it is this:


Whenever a case of a suicide attempt is reported on the news or in a newspaper, the appropriate authorities (which differ from country to country) may call and rebuke the reporter or the news editor telling them NOT to report any more similar cases in the future. In rare and extreme cases, a radio station, a TV channel or a newspaper may be taken to court for not following the instructions. Or there may be even a legislation in progressive societies where such reports are banned. And THIS…is… just about IT!!

Oh yes! Some countries are trying! Some appropriate authorities, some volunteer groups, some doctors even, try to analyze the matter. They try to gather info on it. Even carry out surveys trying to read and decode results. And they try… and study… and try to understand… and keep on trying…and trying... And it’s a good thing they’re doing. God bless them for what they do. But the problem is still there! And  it keeps going strong. And growing from time to time. For unidentified reasons! For unspecified populations! In different parts of the world. Among different races! Among different cultures! Different backgrounds! Different upbringings! Different society levels! Different ages!


I know that some people are really trying to accomplish something there. I acknowledge that some… “specialists” come out with a few “findings” from time to time. And the general “thinking” is that… social reasons are solely responsible for all this. It’s because of theeeee…the bad relationships in the house! ... The non existing relations between father and son! ... Or mother and daughter! ... It’s because of theeeee…the poor understanding between husband and wife! … Between boy and girl! ... It's because of theeeee...the broken heart! She left him, she was so cruel to him! ...It’s because of the lack of acceptance in school! ... It’s because of the weight and the pressure for good grades at school or college! ... It’s for this… it’s for that… and that… … And the answers are ALL circulating around “social reasons” and “psychology issues”!

But the truth is NOT there! It’s way above and way beyond this line of thinking. It lies in a completely different realm. It has to be approached in a completely different way. And it has to be dealt with, along a completely different pattern!


Over the next few months we will be reviewing this topic under such a new line of thinking. Be prepared coz what you hear, might be a bit uncomfortable. A bit disturbing. But it will most definitely trouble you and set you off in a new flight of thinking. In a much broader area of understanding.

And for now… I just wanna leave you with this:


Don’t let anybody tell you, you’re not good enough.

Don’t let nobody suggest, you cannot make it.

Don’t let anything stop you from trying… and pressing on… and fighting to accomplish what is good for you.

And get what you deserve to have.

And be who you were supposed to be.


Don’t let anybody put you down and step on you.

Don’t let nobody depress you and misuse you.

Don’t let anything say nobody cares for you.


Coz somebody CARES! Somebody LOVES you! Somebody wants you to have the BEST! And that somebody is none other than the Creator of the universe Himself!! None other than the one who created you for a purpose! And He has such great plans for your life! Plans to see you happy and healthy and complete! In fact He loved you so much that He left all His glory and power, came down to earth and suffered the worst death… JUST FOR YOU! Oh yes I’m talking about Jesus Christ!! No No No! No religion involved here. No religion can interfere here. NOTHING and NOBODY can stand between you and Jesus. That’s why He died after all. JUST FOR YOU! Exactly because He had to open up the way… and open up the 24/7 hotline where you can reach Him. Reach Him on your own grounds. Reach out to Him whenever you need to!


So why waste another minute? Why wait one more moment? Go to Him now. Just call upon His name. And open your heart to Him. Tell Him your pain, your sorrow, your trouble, your question even. Talk to Him just like you’d be talking to a friend. In your own words. In your unique personal way of expressing yourself. Cry if you feel like it. If you feel weak, ask Him to strengthen you. If you feel any guilt for things you’ve done, ask Him to forgive you. If you feel pain, ask Him to comfort you. If you feel His presence…just enjoy it and let yourself loose in His Love!!


And believe me… you’ll get your answer! Coz Jesus is there, waiting for you to talk to Him. That’s exactly why He died on that cross 2000 years ago. To open up the way for you and me to be saved! Saved from the struggle and the hurt. To be saved from all confusion and strife. To be saved eternally. Truly ETERNALLY!! Coz salvation starts here, saving us from all present worries and guilt and shame and sin…but is also stretched into Eternity, where we can live free and happy and fulfilled forever and ever!!

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