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Calling all Youth Workers/Youth Pastors/Pastors/Rev's !

Why don't you organize your own Youth Night where you can have your youth enjoy a night of real entertainment with NO dangers around. A night of the Best carefully selected CHRISTian music in the world today. You could even choose the Kinds / Genres you'd want to hear. Or even make it a THEME NIGHT, where your Youth Club can mingle / fellowship / worship / dance and enjoy the best CHRISTian sounds available along with loads of surprises.

Encourage them to bring their friends and school mates along, so they can be entertained in a Different / Unique / Safe environment for the first time in their life.


Let's promote a New Better / Higher / Brighter / Safer kind of entertainment and help our young ones avoid the dangers and traps of today's offered nightlife.

For bookings contact DJ Kikko via email

Alternatively visit

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